The BATHYCASE – 200JS is a highly-transportable hydrographic survey system with SDI’s MRU 333 motion reference unit is designed specifically for installation in autonomous vehicles or Jet Skis or other in small manned vehicles in applications where operation in very shallow water is required.

BATHYCASE JS is a simple-to-operate, full survey- grade depth sounder that digitizes the echo to 16-bit resolution and stores the full digital record and provides playback with high resolution and detail. 65,536 shades of gray are digitized and depth resolution is maintained regardless of the depth range. Positions, events, and operator annotations are exchanged between HYPACK and SDIDEPTH programs. DEPTHPIC and SDIDEPTH software provides convenient full echo replay and post-processing of hydrographic data. Navigation data and all other collection parameters are saved with all depth soundings. This “JS” designation of the BathyCase includes features that make this system ideal for jet ski operation. This includes a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse interface and SDI’s proprietary “Shallow Depth” mode for bottom tracking in very shallow water applications. Post-processing can be performed in HYPACH or with DEPTHPIC. Depthpic provides XYZ data in ASCII text format compatible with HYPACK, SURFER, AutoCAD, and GIS programs for contouring and TIN mapping.

BATHYCASE operates from 12vdc, and with navigation software, the MRU 333, internal or external GPS, external splash-proof display, Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, a battery and a jet ski, you are ready to survey. SDI’s hardened computers include internal shock-mounted electronics contained in a splash proof, non-corrosive, impact-resistant case with stainless steel hardware. This computer is truly field-ready and with the MRU -333 can handle the fast turns and rapid motion of a Jet Ski.

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Depth Sounder Specs

SoftwareSDIDEPTH windows pulldown menu, keyboard hot key and playbackDEPTHPIC full record loading, post-processing with ASCII Text XYZ output
Ranges7.5 m – 200 m (300 m optional)
Minimum Depth1.2 feet ( 0.5 meter) standard, 8″ (0.2m) optional with split transducer format
Frequency200 Khz (operator settable +/- 10%)
Beam Pattern9-degree standard, 3-degree optional (200 khz)
Resolution1.5 cm or 0.75 cm
Depth UnitsMeters, Feet, Fathoms
Speed of SoundFresh, Salt, or settable 1400 – 1600 m/s
Inputs for:Tide, Draft, Heave, Blanking, Keel Alarm, NMEA standard DGPS data format
ZoomOperator continuously selectable
TrackingAutomatic, settable and fixes with re-digitizing in playback
Tracking Gates0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, (m, ft., ftm.)
Data FormatASCII and binary files compatible with HYPACK, SURFER, and GIS packages

Computer Specs

OSWindows 10
Clock Frequency1.2 Ghz or higher
PortsSerial, Parallel, USB, (optional LAN, IEEE 1394 Firewire)
Keyboard/MouseWaterproof backlit tactile keyboard, waterproof joystick/button
Data Storage60gb min. (240gb optional)
Data TransferUSB removable SS HDD, USB CD-RW, USN flash drive (1gb flash drive included)
Display Type10.4″ Diagonal Daylight Viewable LCD TFT with on screen controls
Display Resolution1024 x 768 XGA, 256,000 colors
Display Intensity3 to 1400 cd/m2 (nit) full sunlight viewable and NVIS night vision compatible
External DisplayVGA analog (XGA) output for optional external display
Input Power12 vdc @ 2.8 amps, (normal operating conditions)
Size18″W x 15″D x 7″ High (1 cu. ft.)
Weight24 lbs.

DGPS Specs

ReceiverNovatel, Ashtech, or Trimble DGPS (user choice, based on compatibility)
AntennasActive patch integral DGPS L1, USCG beacon or options for L1/L2, WAAS, SBAS
AccuracySub-meter standard, 1-2 cm Kinematic optional with base station
Beam ReceiverIntegral 2 channel auto track


  • The IDS can serve as your navigation computer with the installation of SDI’s SmartSurvey software or your HYPACK SURVEY software and your input of DGPS data from your external DGPS receiver
  • SMART SURVEY Software Integrated Navigation Bathymetric and Sub-Bottom Survey Software
  • Automated Preplan Line Generation, Background Charts, Target Generation
  • Integral Bathymetric Survey Software and Sub-Bottom Sediment Mapping Software (SDIDEPTH) Streamlined Full Echo Post-Processing Software with multiple Sub-bottom layer definition
Please see our Motion Reference Units (MRU) for Single Beam and Multi-Beam Bathymetry Applications
SmartSurvey, SDI, SDIDepth, BathyCase and Depthpic are trademarks of Specialty Devices, Inc. HYPACK is a trademark of Hypack, Inc., Windows 10 is a trademark of Microsoft, Corp.
Surfer is a trademark of Golden Software, Inc., AutoCAD is a trademark of AutoDesk Corp.


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SDI’s Bathycase Brochure