Survey Craft

The DJB-1243 has been specifically designed to serve as a portable shallow-draft work platform for hydrographic surveying, sediment mapping and core sampling of small or shallow water bodies. The DJB is particularly useful for water bodies without launching ramps, as it can be transported in the bed of a pickup truck and hand-carried by two people for assembly at the water’s edge. In the unassembled configuration, the two hull sections stack on built-in stacking points.

The assembled platform will accept small outboard motors and functions as a stable survey craft. Installed mounts are included for a GPS antenna, Beacon antenna, depth transducer and sub-bottom profiling transducer array, BSS+, SURVEYCASE or BATHYCASE survey instruments.

The DJB can serve as a platform for core sampling with SDI’s VIBECORE coring device. With this DJB-CORE option, the DJB is equipped with three-point mooring equipment, a spud pole shallow-water anchoring system, a derrick with hand winch, and core tube racks for storage of both unused core tube and core samples. The DJB is also equipped with operator seating and reserve flotation and a mounting for the VibeCore control.

Survey Tools from SDI include VibeCore Sampler, Sediment Mapper, SurveyCase, Sidescan Sonar, Waterproof Computers and Displays.

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DJB Specifications DJB-CORE Option Specifications
Length 12’0” Height 8’
Assembled Beam 9’0” Legs 3
Transport Beam 4’0” Pivots 2
Freeboard (loaded) 8” Hand Winch Capacity 125’ 3/16” wire
Draft (Loaded) 6” Spud Pole Receivers 4
Outboard (max pwr) 10HP Anchors 3
Transom Height 16” Core Tube Rack 6 core tubes
Weight (per section) 110lbs Core Tube Storage 12’
Capacity (personnel + Equipment 600lbs Material Aluminum
Antenna Mount 2 Fittings Stainless Steel
Transducer Mount 1.5” pipe


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For over 30 years, SDI has designed and manufactured bathymetric and sub-bottom survey systems, sediment coring devices, and other specialized survey systems. SDI also provides geospatial, geophysical, hydrographic, sub-bottom, and sediment sampling services.