UAV Mapping

UAV Mapping

As a new method of raster data collection, UAV survey technology effectively complements existing techniques, fitting between large-area satellite/manned aircraft imagery and smaller coverage, time-consuming terrestrial approaches.

Using industry leading technology, SDI is able to provide high resolution 3D point clouds, surface models, and orthomosaic imagery for projects with different scales. Survey results can be integrated into SDI’s acoustic bathymetric and subbottom survey results and are compatible with mainstream GIS and CAD software packages.

The accuracy of the measurements allow the 3D models created to be used in planning, design, and decision-making processes across many sectors, such as:

• Environmental Engineering

• Agriculture

• Water Resources

• Asset Management

• Spatial Analysis and Modeling




Fast turnaround time: Aerial data can be collected, processed and delivered in as little as a 24-hour period.

Cost-effective: SDI offers a cost-effective way to build high-density and high accuracy 3D models for medium to large scale projects.

Customer Focused: We understand our customers’ needs and ensure that survey results are delivered in a form that can be easily integrated into their work. We offer a flexible approach to pricing and can optimize the survey design to suit a given budget.

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