28ft long core sampleThe VibeCore-D can take 2” or 3” diameter core samples and the new VibeCore-4D adds the ability to take a 4” diameter core sample. The SDI VibeCore can operate at up to 200ft water depths and takes up to a 28ft long core tube.

“Operating water depth” – The VibeCore is effective from virtually no water depth to about 100 feet or up to 200 feet if the deep water option is selected.

Core Tube Coupler

“Core sample length” – We have taken 28 foot long samples with a “Core Coupler” joining a 20ft core tube to a 10ft core tube on the VibeCore. The VibeCore will reach refusal if it encounters large gravel, a root, rock or sediment with very low water content.

“Core compression” – Another factor in core sampling is “core compression” This “core compression” term is a bit of a misnomer. Water is virtually incompressible and usually even less compressible when dealing with water saturated sediments. The core material does not compress. A more accurate description is that the material fails to enter the core tube.

Read the “Vibecore Application Note




The Vibecore-D Core Sampler takes 2”, 3″, or even 4″ diameter core samples. It takes cores in many environments. In addition, to the operational depth depth of 120 feet, the Vibecore-D can take up to a 20ft cores. However, if you are looking for a smaller solution, check out the Vibecore Mini. You can watch the Vibecore-D in action HERE

Developing the Vibecore-D and Vibecore Product Line

SDI VibeCore product line uses a lightweight, high energy vibrating motor. All vibracore units are sealed and potted inside a rigid aluminum light frame. We added the necessary weight by casting a ring weight that sits on rubber bumpers. The bumpers are about 99% efficient springs. The result is that we get the necessary downloading without losing energy accelerating the weight up and down. Most of the energy used to compress the bumpers is returned.

We calculate that other vibracore machines get about 12% of their energy into the core tube. However, the Vibecore-D achieves closer to 60% of the energy into the core tube. The increased efficiency allows us to run our VibeCore from a pair of 12 V car batteries. Since the VibeCore-D is on for less than a minute for each core, even a small set of car batteries can supply all the energy needed to take core samples for several days without recharging.

  • Unique near zero “core compression” for accurate true depth of sample recovery
  • Out-performs non-vibratory coring devices, such as box cores, gravity cores and pistons cores, equal or better the performance of heavier vibracores.
  • Operates from two simple, safe low-voltage car batteries and carries enough charge for a full day of operation, no generator or compressor needed.
  • Lightweight body (only 75 lbs.) and portability of VibeCore D makes it suitable for one-man operation on small vessels.

Additional information

Input Voltage

22-28 VDC

Normal Active Time per core sample

30 sec. to 1 minute typical

Active time per 80 AH Battery

120 minutes

Estimated Cores per battery Charge


Operating Frequency Working Water Depth (ft.)

100 ft. (220 ft. optional)

Core Head Dimensions (in.)

10.25" Long x 14" Wide x 23" High

Core Tube Materials

Aluminum, Acrylic, Polycarbonate, or Stainless Steel

Core Tube Diameter Core tube wall

2”, 3” or optional 4” 0.050” (typical)

Air Weight (core head)

77 lbs.


  • High frequency vibration acquires near undisturbed cores
  • Ideal sampler for sediment geophysical parameters, contaminants, and trace metals
  • Unique near zero “core compression” for accurate true depth of sample recovery
  • Options for up to 30 foot long core samples from up to 350 foot water depths
  • Aluminum, Polycarbonate or Acrylic, 2” or 3” and now 4” core tubes, soft liners available
  • Designed for small boat operation. Powered by two 12 volt batteries
  • Core Keepers in Stainless Steel or Aluminum available for very soft or coarse sand sediments
  • Out-performs piston and gravity corers, equal or better the performance of heavier vibracores
  • Integral “floating” top vent and seal helps collect very soft sediment samples
  • Unique, power saving “Energy Storage” weight ring design increases effectiveness
  • Quick-change and long-life core tube mount makes core tube mounting a simple operation
  • “Float and Weight” VibeCore Guide available for deep water or higher current sites
  • Simple, safe low-voltage car battery power, no generator or compressor needed on a small boat
  • Install core catchers as needed. No Core Liner required

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