Vibecore Mini

The SDI Vibecore-Mini is a result of a development effort to improve hand held sediment sampling methods in areas with shallow water saturated sediments. The high frequency Vibecore-Mini is a light hand held sampler that can acquire a very undisturbed sample. The Vibecore-Mini has greatly reduced sample compaction typically present in push core sampling. The result is a sample with a better vertical representation of the sediments penetrated. The Vibecore-Mini also allows a hand held collection method that provides deeper penetration than can be achieved with push cores, Ponar grabs, box cores, ekman grabs, Shelby tubes or manual scooping.

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The SDI Vibecore Mini improves sampling methods in areas with shallow water saturated sediments. The Vibecore Mini is a light, high frequency, hand held sampler. It can acquire a nearly undisturbed sample. The Vibecore Mini has greatly reduced sample compaction that is standard with push core sampling. This results in a better vertical results of the sediments penetrated. Therefore, the Vibecore Mini provides better results than standard coring methods. Watch the Vibecore Mini in action HERE. However, if you are looking for heavier coring solutions, see our Vibecore-D.


Power Twin internal 12V DC Batteries
Normal Active Time per core sample 20 sec. to 1 minute
Cores per Battery Charge   30+
Operating Frequency 5,000 to 6,000 cpm
Core Tube length 2 to 6 feet
Core Head Dimensions  (in.) 11 ¼”Long x 5” Wide x 10 ¼” High
Core Tube Materials Aluminum, PVC, Acrylic, Polycarbonate
Core Tube Diameter 2”, or 3” nominal
Core tube wall 0.050” (typical)
Air Weight with Batteries 12 lbs.
Shipping Weight 16 lbs.
Operating Temperature 2 to 45 C
Storage Temperature -20 to 60 C

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Aquifer Advies bv
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