Survey Services

Specialty Devices, Inc. also provides various survey services, including hydrographic, sub-bottom, geophysical and sediment sampling services.  SDI’s staff have an extensive technical background as well as professional experience in some challenging environment including surveys throughout the US and Canada, Indonesia, Brazil, Honduras, Taiwan, Ireland, Singapore, Italy, Panama, Oman, Puerto Rico, St. Croix, St. Thomas, Russia, Mexico, Sicily and open ocean international waters.

SDI has developed safety and quality control procedures, which ensures control over all aspects of project accuracy, costs, safety, and deadlines. Our range of survey services includes:

Hydrographic Survey Services

SDI survey team brings latest hydrographic survey techniques directly into your project. Our professional staff holds advanced degrees, decades of professional experience and extensive training to provide single beam, multibeam, side scan and sub-bottom survey services in different marine environments.

Geophysical Survey Services

The geophysical survey provides a rapid, non-invasive and cost-effective methods to determine characteristics of Earth’s subsurface. SDI specializes in conducting extensive and multidiscipline geophysical surveys on land and marine environment to identify subsurface features associated with man-made and natural phenomena. SDI survey team brings latest geophysical survey techniques to your project and provides cost-effective solutions to customer needs.

UAV Mapping Services

As a new method of raster data collection, UAV survey technology effectively complements existing techniques, fitting between large-area satellite/manned aircraft imagery and smaller coverage, time-consuming terrestrial approaches. Using industry leading technology, SDI is able to provide high-resolution 3D point clouds, surface models, and orthomosaic imagery for projects with different scales. Survey results can be integrated into SDI’s acoustic bathymetric and subbottom survey results and are compatible with mainstream GIS and CAD software packages.

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About SDI

For over 30 years, SDI has designed and manufactured bathymetric and sub-bottom survey systems, sediment coring devices, and other specialized survey systems. SDI also provides geospatial, geophysical, hydrographic, sub-bottom, and sediment sampling services.