Hydrographic Survey Services

SDI survey team brings latest hydrographic survey techniques directly into your project. Our professional staff holds advanced degrees, decades of professional experience and extensive training to provide single beam, multibeam, side scan and sub-bottom survey services in different marine environments.

Specialty Devices was established in 1986 and has earned a reputation associated with quality products and services. SDI’s client list includes USDA, USACE, US Navy, US Army, USAF, USGS, NOAA, EPA, DOE, Bureau of Reclamation, Minerals Management Service, universities, utilities, private corporations, foreign governments and state agencies. In the past 30 years, SDI has completed large and small-scale hydrographic survey projects throughout the US and Canada, Indonesia, Brazil, Honduras, Taiwan, Ireland, Singapore, Italy, Panama, Oman, Puerto Rico, St. Croix, St. Thomas, Russia, Mexico, Sicily and open ocean international waters.

Single Beam Acoustic Bathymetric Survey

SDI provides high-resolution single beam acoustic data for bathymetric mapping for rivers, ponds, lakes and coastal environment. Survey capabilities include real-time kinematic positioning accurate to within 2cm, with real water level and heave compensation.

Multibeam Acoustic Bathymetric Survey

Multibeam Survey 3SDI’s survey team are providing multibeam acoustic bathymetric survey with a specific focus on delivering results to meet the standards of resolution, accuracy, survey coverage and lead time requirement for every project. Multibeam survey can provide complete bottom coverage which are recommended for used in dredging measurement, coastal engineering surveys, project condition surveys of channels, revetments, and other underwater structures, and emergency operations for locating and marking underwater objects

Sediment Mapping and Sampling

SDI provides sediment mapping and sampling service using acoustic sub-bottom profiling and sediment vibracoring/sampling technique. The acoustic sub-bottom profiling will help determine sediment distribution, volume, thickness and accumulation rate of rivers, reservoirs and coastal environment. Our sediment sampling/vibracoring services will help clients collect subbottom sediment for purposes of geophysical/geotechnical characterization and chemical analysis testing for different projects.

Pre-/Post-Dredge Surveys

Determining the distribution and composition of the sediment to be removed during dredging is the most critical element of a successful dredging project. SDI provides accurate hydrographic survey and sediment sampling during all phase of actual dredging to help in the planning and design process. These surveys could include pre-and post-dredge bathymetric survey and sedimentation distribution mapping, mid-dredge process verification survey, final acceptance survey, and sediment sampling/classification/analysis.

Pipeline inspection

SDI provides cost-effective pipeline mapping services for customers. With the use of our Multibeam and Sidescan survey, we are able to collect highly detailed pipeline information.

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About SDI

For over 30 years, SDI has designed and manufactured bathymetric and sub-bottom survey systems, sediment coring devices, and other specialized survey systems. SDI also provides geospatial, geophysical, hydrographic, sub-bottom, and sediment sampling services.