Sediment Mapping and Sampling

SDI provides sediment mapping and sampling service using acoustic sub-bottom profiling and sediment vibracoring technique.

Sediment mapping example

The acoustic sub-bottom profiling will help determine sediment distribution, volume, thickness and accumulation rate of rivers, reservoirs and coastal environment. SDI survey team will conduct sediment mapping survey by SDI manufactured BSS+ system. The BSS+ system provides a method to acoustically map sediment in the shallow marine environment using a wide spectrum of individual operating frequencies. Individual transceivers are employed with each transceiver specifically designed for acquisition of sub-bottom high-resolution data in shallow water. The BSS+ survey unit includes a totally enclosed precision DGPS receiver, DGPS beacon receiver, digital 200 kHz depth sounder, up to 4 additional sub-bottom frequencies and a computer system.

Sediment Classification Example

SDI also provides sediment sampling/vibracoring to collect subbottom sediment for purposes of geophysical/geotechnical characterization and chemical analysis testing of sediments for different projects. Our survey team operates SDI manufactured VibeCore-D for 2”, 3”, or 4” diameter vibracoring sampling. The samples are obtained by vertically vibrating the linerless core tube at sufficient frequency to liquefy water-saturated sediments and allow the core tube to progress into the sediment. Once dry, compacted, or consolidated material is reached the core tube progression into the bottom is halted. At this time the operator turns off the vibration action and the core is retrieved with a vertical pull. A variety of core tube length and materials are available for customers.

Collected sediment sample

On-site sediment analysis

Our DJB-1243 Dual Jon Boat or 24-feet pontoon boat are customized specifically for sediment mapping and sampling at different water depth. Our boat supports the deployment of BSS+ system, as well as VibeCore-D and other required survey equipment.

Sediment vibracoring on DJB-1243 Dual Jon Boat

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About SDI

For over 30 years, SDI has designed and manufactured bathymetric and sub-bottom survey systems, sediment coring devices, and other specialized survey systems. SDI also provides geospatial, geophysical, hydrographic, sub-bottom, and sediment sampling services.