The vibe core was a great asset this field season – a lot of samples were collected which supporting some large scale projects.

Thanks for all the support from everyone with SDI.

Johann Biberhofer - Sediment Scientist
Environment Canada

Thank you so much for the Vibe-Core Mini! The instruction on how to attach the plastic tube to the head of the Vibe-Core was very clear and easy to do. The underwater sediment acquired using the Vibe-Core Mini in the field stayed contained within the tube, reinforcing our confidence with your product. I would use this device again and definitely recommend this product to anyone who needs to collect shallow underwater sediment samples.

Hilary Baker - Project Engineer

The corer works great! We came up with a system to freeze the tube, then re-attach it to the head unit, dunking the tube section into hot water (just from a tap) for approx 45 seconds, then vibrated it out. It resulted in the core coming out whole and unbroken!

Benjamin Taylor - PhD student
Sediment Ecology Research Group/University of St Andrews

Paul, is a super skilled guy who can design and manufacture anything!  He has helped us on bathymetric, sub-bottom surveys and geophysical as well as provided sediment vibracoring…basically if you have a pond, lake, water  body and need to know sediment (how much, how thick, type determination, etc.) Paul can help!  The data he and his team provide is extremely helpful and the quality of work is outstanding.

Stephanie Coffman, PG - Senior Geomorphologist

BSS+ sediment profiler is a great system. Things are working well!

Johann Biberhofer - Sediment Scientist
Environment Canada

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